BAA London Meeting


and we went round the room saying a few words about what we hoped for from the meetings.


to promote APL and learning APL, to establish an APL network to call on. To come with questions expecting to get answers


to promote APL and tools that show the APL community exists. To support each other workwise. To socialise


to see old friends. To understand how people are using APL and what for, to get an idea of the direction we are taking


has been using J for a year, as a hobby. He like its array processing and conciseness, finds it fascinating to learn and came to get a feel for what others are doing with it


wants to learn something, but does not know what ... (surprise him?)


to meet like-minded people, to contribute something, particularly to make it easier to start using APL


to populate the APLWIKI


works with Ziggi and is starting APL and hopes the meetings will help him learn how to use it


to socialise, to help find/create young APL writers and promote the use of APL by youngsters


meet people you would otherwise not see, hear news of what people are doing , would like to see lots of demonstrations


now writes APL as a hobby, comes to meet and make friends, to learn and improve, and to contribute when he can.

Topics Discussed

COMMENTS from the smaller groups

OBSERVATIONS made after the meeting

  1. I like the venue, we get exclusive use of the upstairs room from about 3pm to around 5 and there is ample opportunity to talk before and afterwards;
  2. I like the combination of small groups some of the time, and one meeting for part of the time;
  3. how much of the time we spend as one meeting will depend on the organiser for the day, the minimum is probably about 10 minutes to agree about the next meeting, we should try to do this before the upstairs room fills up with evening drinkers.

Action Points



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