Atomic Vector

This collection contains all symbols used in all APLs currently (2009) available. The symbols are sorted by category somehow. Note that neither line 2 nor 3 contain any APL characters. All real APL characters are collected in line 4.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789
%'._¤#&"’¶@‘:?! £€$ ()[]{}                                      
⍇⍈⍐⍗ ┘┐┌└┼─├┤┴┬│                                                

Because it's a collection of all APL characters, there is no interpreter where all the symbols are actually in []AV.

The Dyalog Screenshot


Browser Tests

By using the web service we've created a large number of screenshots of this page for all sorts of Browsers and Operating System. Note that understandably does not have any APL Unicode font installed, so the font actually used cannot be predicted and probably won't look nice.

However, the APL characters should be visible anyway. Were this is not the case, the most likely cause is a faulty font used on that Browser/OS combination.


This site displays the atomic vector taken from Dyalog APL in two ways:

If the two differ you might have a problem with the font.

We did our best to ensure proper settings for displaying APL characters, but with exotic Browsers or excotic operating systems or non-Unicode APL fonts you might get surprising results.

The []AV as Unicode Text

Well, almost. All non-printable characters are replaced by a blank.

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