Suggestions for any APLTree sub-project


APLTree is an Open Source project. All sub-project must conform to this and therefore contain a conforming note. See AplTreeLicensing for details.


How to implement test cases

Generally, there are two different ways how one can implement test cases: either in a workspace or by running a script. Both approaches have their pros and cons.

For the APLTree project we always use workspaces.

All tests are implemented by using the Tester class which offers a test framework for Dyalog applications.

Test case principles

While #.TestCases.Run runs all test cases no matter whether they fail or brake, returning just a 0 for okay (=all test cases are fine) and 1 otherwise, calling #.TestCases.RunDebug 0 allows you to investigate any failures straight away. A 1 as right argument let the test framework stop just before it executes a test function.

Note that following these suggestions makes it much easier for others to get familiar with a sub-project, and to fiddle with them. This is not because these suggestion are so particularly good, it is because if everything follows the same route, one knows where to go. It is also the only way to perform tests automatically (batch mode). Note that these are excellent reasons to stick with these rules.

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