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Whatever might be useful to other APL programmers, either as potential part of an application or by supporting the development process.


The APL Wiki has its own sub domain for downloading purposes: http://download.aplwiki.com/

By entering this URL into your favourite browser you get to a page from where you can download any APLTree project.

If you need access to the test cases you have two options:

Example: the latest stable version

In this example we refer to ADOC; however, anything said here is valid for any other member of the APLTree project as well.

You can download many different versions of ADOC from ftp://ftp.aplwiki.com: this directory contains one compressed file for every member of the APLTree project. This is how a typical file looks like:


The file name tells you a couple of things:

This file contains just the stuff needed, either a script (like APLTreeUtils) or a collection of scripts or an application (like Fire).

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