Acre Server

Note: At present for communicating with the Acre Server one needs the same version of Dyalog the server is using. Since the introduction of version 1.2 this is 15.0.
You can still use the acre client with other versions of Dyalog as long as acre does not attempt to communicate with the acre server.
However, this restriction will be lifted. From then on you will be able to use any version on the client side that is supported by Dyalog.


If you want to use acre for your own software development and want to take full advantage of having a repository as back-end then you need to install an acre server somewhere.

An acre Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) running on a Windows machine, typically in the cloud. It is used as the central repository for APL objects and files of one to many software projects.

The software is free even for commercial usage although is has certain no-nonsense restrictions. See the AcreServerLicense page for details.

Project page

Link to the AcreServer/ProjectPage

How to get it

The acre server can be downloaded from this page.

How to install

Double click the EXE

Note that you need admin rights to install the software. (You don't need admin rights later on to run the server)

Move the actual data folder

By default the Acre Server data folder is installed into C:\Users\{yourUsername}\AppData\Roaming\CarlisleGroup.

That is fine if you are going to use acre just for your own purposes.

If you are running the acre Server in order to support a team however, the data folder must be independent from a user account.

If you want to change this then follow this recipe:

  1. Delete the folder C:\Users\{yourUsername}\AppData\Roaming\CarlisleGroup to avoid confusion.

  2. Create a folder C:\AcreData\ (or whatever your preference is).


After the installation you will find a file ReadMe.html in the installation folder with more details, in particular about how to run Acre Server as a Windows Service.

This implies the definition of the location of the folder where the Acre Server will save your data.

Once the server is up and running you need to change the admin's default password and most likely create some other user IDs as well.

There is a workspace Credentials available with sample code that should allow you to do what needs to be done.

Download the workspace. (under construction right now)

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