The APL.68000 interpreter (the precursor to APLX) was a full 32-bit APL2 compatible interpreter first developed in 1980 by Phil Van Cleave and subsequently bought and developed by MicroAPL Ltd. It ran on the following platforms:

The Macintosh version in particular was very popular. It featured a pioneering GUI interface and provided easy access to many of the Macintosh ToolBox facilities, making it easy to write GUI applications in APL.

APL.68000 was eventually replaced in 2002 by MicroAPL's current APLX interpreter, running on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. APLX includes the ability to )LOAD APL.68000 workspaces, and much of the core code will run without modifications.

APLX was discontinued in 2016.

Here's a screen shot of APL.68000 running on a Macintosh under OS 9:


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