The "APL in 2020" project is a series of public discussions centred on how actual and potential APL users see the future shape of APL. They will be conducted via posts to various APL discussion sites - principally comp.lang.apl (because of its vendor-neutrality) - with summarised (but unedited) collation to the website at In September there will be a series of in-person forums at the APL2010 conference in Berlin, followed by a final collection of topics and views to appear on the website and elsewhere before the end of 2010.

The direction of the discussions will be forward rather than retrospective. Some of the topics will be profound (we hope) and others may be trivial. Some will look inward at APL, others outward to our relationship with other aspects of information technology.

APLin2020 emerged from the regular London APL meetings at at present consists of (in alphabetical order) Dick Bowman, Chris Hogan, John Jacob and Phil Last - we welcome anyone wishing to participate.

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