User Command SETTINGS (Dyalog)


SETTINGS is a command used to set and get the various SALT settings.

SETTINGS is one of the SALT commands made into a user command.


The SALT environment uses a few global settings that are used while SALT is in function. Those settings are kept outside the workspace and restored at each new session.
This commands allows to report and change these settings either temporarily, during the session, or permanently so they are available again at the next session.


There are at the present time five different global settings SALT makes use of:

SETTINGS will either display or set any of these settings. When setting the value returned is the effective value after the setting.

SETTINGS accepts a series of switches to alter its functionality:

The settings cmddir and workdir are made up of several individual paths. There may be a time when you only want to add (or delete) a single path to the list. Instead of reentering the entire sequence of paths you can use , or ~ to add or delete paths.
For example, if your cmddir contains the paths \my\ucmds;\other\cmds and you do

will result in \my\ucmds being removed from the list.

Note that if you remove all the paths SALT will nevertheless keep a minimal list to be able to function. SALT commands are always available whatever path you set.


 ]SETTINGS workdir \my\own\salt\folders;\and\some\other\ones -permanent
 ]SETTINGS compare
 ]SETTINGS -reset


This script is part of the Dyalog product. For that reason this page is immutable.

The script is version 1.0 from 2007

Author: DanBaronet


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