User Command EXPLORE (Dyalog)


EXPLORE is a command used to look at scripts or folders.

EXPLORE is one of the SALT commands made into a user command.


The SALT scripts with an extension of .dyalog are associated with Notepad (under Windows (r)) so that when you double click them they open up in Notepad automatically.

When in APL you can open the scripts with Notepad or any other editor of your choice by using the EXPLORE command. You can also look at entire folders (by starting disk explorer) with the same command.


The command accepts an argument which is a path to either a script or a folder. The path may be absolute or relative. In the latter case the 'workdir' settings (see UserCommands/SALT/Settings for details) will be used to find the item.

If the item is found and it is a folder, EXPLORE will start Disk Explorer with it.

If the item is found and it is a file, EXPLORE will start whatever program has been specified as the editor settings (see UserCommands/SALT/Settings for details) with it.

EXPLORE accepts a series of switches to alter its functionality:


 ]EXPLORE \my\own\salt\folders -mode=maximised
 ]EXPLORE my\script -use=C:\Program Files\TextPad 5\TextPad.exe -permanent


This script is part of the Dyalog product. For that reason this page is immutable.

The script is version 1.0 from 2007

Author: DanBaronet


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