User Command ADOC


ADOC is a utility useful to generate documentation (semi-) automatically from class scripts as well as namespace scripts.

Obviously it makes sense to make ADOC's services available as a User Command.

This page offers a small class script ADOC which is designed to do exactly that.

Refer to UserCommands/WhereShouldTheyGo for advice how to organize your User Commands.


Given that the two different ADOC scripts went into the right folders, this would be a sample session:

Command "ADOC.List". Syntax: 1 arguments; accepts switches -full
Script location: C:\UserCommands\ADOC_UC

Prints a list with all sorts of information to the session
about all public stuff given in the script specified in the right argument

Command "ADOC.Browse". Syntax:  accepts switches -caption= -browser=
Script location: C:\UserCommands\ADOC_UC

 Gathers all sort of information from a class script and
 compiles an HTML page from it which is then displayed
 with your default browser.

 ]ADOC.Browse ADOC                      ⍝ Single class
 ]ADOC.Browse ADOC,WinFile    ⍝ Two classes, no blank in between!
 ]ADOC.Browse ADOC,WinFile -caption="My Doc"
 ]ADOC.Browse ADOC,WinFile -caption="My Doc" browser="c:\opera.exe

 Available switches:
 -caption="Your caption"
 -browser="full path to a browser which is not your default one"


Shows extensive information about ADOC. It's basically doing `ADOC.Browse ADOC`.


This user command cannot be downloaded on its own. It is part of the ADOC download: only together with the workspace can the user command be executed. See


The User Command script is version 2.3.1 from 2017-05-01.

Author: KaiJaeger


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