How to display Help Files from APL

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This class serves two simple purposes:

You must create an instance before you can use the methods the class is coming with, and you must make sure that the Destructor is called at some point because otherwise APL might crash. This is neither a fault of the class nor of APL, it's simply how the underlying DLL is defined.

You can get details about how to use ShowChmHelp with ADOC; execute:

#.ADOC.Browse #.ShowChmHelp

Project Page

For bug reports, future enhancements and a full version history see ShowChmHelp/ProjectPage

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APLTree downloads

Using an APLTree member

  1. If you just want to consume (use) an APLTree member then you have several choices:
    • Note that accessing it via ftp allows you to download older versions as well while the dedicated download page offers just the most current version.


If you want to contribute to an APLTree project see HowToContributeToTheAPLTreeProject for details.

Get the full project

If for some reason you need access to, say, the test cases then you need to get more then just the script (or application) itself.

HowToContributeToTheAPLTreeProject explains how to get a project onto your local machine. Just ignore any additional steps.

Create a new APLTree sub project

In order to create a new APLTree project you need some advice. Ask KaiJaeger for help:


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