PhraseBook is a sub-project within the APL Wiki. It's all about code snippets in one of the greatest programming languages ever: APL code that solves a particular problem. More precisely, a single line of APL, without diamonds (statement separators).

By default a phrase is supposed to honor APL2-Syntax and ⎕IO←0. See StyleGuidelines for details.

Wherever possible the solution provided runs in all APL dialects; where this is not possible it is pointed out explicitly.

In order to get an overview have a look at one of

If you would like to contribute you are more than welcome, but first read the StyleGuidelines.

See ToDo for a list of pages already allocated to someone and WantedPages for any pages (not just phrases) which are requested by links from other pages.

Any pages providing general information about phrases are members of the CategoryPhraseBookBackground.

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