Kai J├Ąger

Email: <VERY SPAMFREE kai AT aplteam VERY SPAMFREE  DOT com>

I am the one who has originally invented this Wiki, therefore I am still keeping an eye on it. So, if there are questions or suggestions associated with administration issues, or changing locked pages or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am known as somebody who prefers to work under conditions as perfect as possible. That means not only using good hardware but good software, too. I've made a list of utilities available therefore. Because I work most of my time with Dyalog APL/W it is not a surprise that most but not all of the utilities are especially useful when you are going to use Dyalog APL/W.

APL Team Ltd web sites:


http://aplteam.de (German)

My private homepage: http://www.kai-jaeger.de (German)


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