APLTree goes multi-platform

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Until August 2016 the APLTree project was pretty much a Windows-only project.

Now we intend to make all the projects that are not by definition bound to a particular platform (like WinSys and others) available for all platforms officially supported by Dyalog except for AIX.


This comes with a drawback: making the stuff platform independent is a major task which we can afford only by taking advantage of the new system functions introduced by Dyalog in version 15.0 like ⎕NINFO, ⎕MKDIR, ⎕NEXISTS and others. Normally we support the latest version Dyalog is supporting. At the time of writing (2016-08) that would be 14.0. Therefore we had a serious dilemma here.

It was therefore decided to make a split: the old Windows-only versions of all APLTree projects will remain available from http://download.aplwiki.com/Prior15.0. Although not actively supported any more we will continue to fix serious bugs until the end of 2017 at the very least.

New versions are introduced via http://download.aplwiki.com.


There are some more implications:

WinFile has retired

Instead use FilesAndDirs which offers most of the functionality of WinFile but for all platforms.

New projects FilesAndDirs and OS

A new project OS (for Operating System) was introduced that offers platform-independent calls for common tasks. We intend to move some of the functionality offered by WinSys to OS whenever this makes sense. For getting the current process ID and killing a process we have already done this.

Of course the deprecated functions will remain available in WinSys for a while.

The new project FilesAndDirs replaces WinFile. However, be careful: some of the functions require different arguments and/or return different results.

Clean-up of APLTreeUtils

We took the opportunity to clean up APLTreeUtils, meaning that we have removed some rarely used functions from it.

Other changes

There are two more changes that are not directly connected to the goal to make APLTreeUtils platform-independent but which were performed at the same time:


Although we will continue to use acre for our development process you can download the full development environment from GitHub. There will be detailed advice available soon about how you can contribute code changes to any of the APLTree projects.

See HowToContributeToTheAPLTreeProject. This is about contributing but you just have to stop when you got the project onto your own machine.

Support for the "Classic" version of Dyalog

We will stop supporting the Classic version of Dyalog from now on. Some of the APLTree projects work under the Classic version but if you insist on using it that way you are on your own.

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